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The Eye that Witnessed a Supernova

“The Eye that Witnessed a Supernova”

Once upon a time, in a cosmic space and time far beyond our imaginations, there lived a creature with a body resembling a large eye. It had been roaming around the universe for centuries when it stumbled upon a supernova. The bright colors of the supernova instantly drew the eye in, and it hovered nearer and nearer. As it approached, the heat of the supernova was so intense that it felt like it might melt away, but the eye couldn’t look away from the stunning display. Suddenly, a massive explosion shook the eye and it was flung away from the site. After recovering from the shock, it continued on its journey, forever changed by the beauty and power of the supernova. #supernova? #cosmicwonders? #largeeyecreature?️ #spaceexploration? #thepoweroftheuniverse?

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