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Necessity in the Semi-Distant Future

“The Search for Necessity in the Semi-Distant Future”

In the year 2050, the world had changed. The city was now run by powerful corporations who controlled everything, including access to necessities like food and water. Luna, a non-citizen worker, found herself in desperate need of medication for her sick daughter. She had to resort to the black market, where she met a man who promised to exchange the medicine for a risky job. Luna was hesitant, but it was her only option. She agreed to the job, which involved stealing valuable data from a corporation’s headquarters. She was successful, but at a high cost. The corporation was now after her, and she had to flee the city to save both herself and her daughter. She finally found refuge in a community of rebels who had been fighting against the corporations. With their help, she was able to get the medicine for her daughter and join their fight. #dystopianfuture ? #blackmarket ?️ #corporatecontrol ? #rebelsfightingback ? #survival ?

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