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Grappling with Software in Outer Space

Grappling with software in outer space art by Web Dimensions

As the super genius alien mastermind floated through the vacuum of space, she pondered the perplexing mathematical concepts that had been troubling her. She had thought she had grasped them, but now she was not so sure. Perhaps it was the lack of gravity that was disorienting her, or maybe it was the lack of oxygen to her brain. Whatever the reason, she could not seem to make sense of the equations.

She floated there for hours, going over the concepts again and again in her mind, but she could not make any progress. Frustrated, she finally gave up and returned to her spaceship. Maybe she could find the answers she was looking for back on her home planet.

Now available at opensea.io, my latest creation Grappling with Software in Outer Space. A beautifully realized piece of visual artwork from my collection Psychedelic Funkatology.

Grappling with Software in Outer Space original art by Web Dimensions