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The Search for Necessity in the Semi-Distant Future

“The Search for Necessity in the Semi-Distant Future”

In the year 2045, the world had drastically changed. Pollution had taken over and resources were scarce. Max, a non-citizen worker, was on a mission to find medicine for his sick daughter. He had heard rumors of a hidden medical facility that could help. Max had to leave the city and venture into the dangerous outskirts to find it. With nothing but a map and his determination, Max began his journey. He faced many obstacles including dangerous terrain and run-ins with scavengers. After days of wandering, Max finally stumbled upon the facility. He was greeted by a team of doctors who were eager to help. They gave Max the medicine he needed and he headed back to the city. Max’s journey was a success and he realized that in a world full of scarcity, kindness and hope still existed. #SearchForNecessity ??? #SemiDistantFuture ??? #NewWorldChallenges ??️? #HopeInScarcity ???? #NeverGiveUp ??‍♂️?

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