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The Quest for the Last Drop of Water ?

“The Quest for the Last Drop of Water ?”

It’s the year 2077, and the world is a desolate wasteland. The sun blazes down on the parched earth, and there’s not a cloud in sight. The last drop of water has been hoarded away by the wealthy elite, leaving the rest of the population to suffer. Our main character, a non-citizen worker named Ayla, sets out on a dangerous mission to find water for her dying family. She braves the scorching heat and treacherous terrain, fighting off rival scavengers to ultimately discover a hidden oasis. But when she returns home with her precious cargo, she must decide whether to share it with her community or keep it for her family’s survival. #WaterIsLife ? #DystopianFuture ? #ResourceScarcity ⛏️ #SurvivalOfTheFittest ? #FemaleProtagonist ?

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