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Sustenance in the Coming days

“The Search for Sustainance in the Semi-Distant Future ?”

In the year 2040, the world was a very different place. The effects of climate change had ravaged the planet and resources were scarce. Citizens struggled to survive and the government implemented strict food rationing. Our main character, a non-citizen worker, was on a mission to find the rare ingredient needed to cook a special meal for their sick child. They searched far and wide, bartering with other survivors and facing danger at every turn. Eventually, they stumbled upon a hidden farm with an abundance of fresh produce. Overjoyed, they traded their last valuable possession for the ingredient and made the meal with tears in their eyes. This experience changed our main character forever, realizing the harsh reality of the world they lived in and the lengths they must go to provide for their family. #SurvivalStories #ClimateChange #ResourceScarcity #ParentingStruggles #HopeInTheFaceOfAdversity ??‍?‍?

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Will Water become scarce?

“The Search for Water in the Semi-Distant Future”

In the year 2050, water had become a scarce commodity due to overpopulation and climate change. Our main character, a non-citizen worker named Javier, had been tasked with finding water for his family. He ventured out into the scorching desert, facing dehydration and exhaustion. After hours of searching, he stumbled upon a small spring hidden among the rocks. Javier filled up his container and began his journey back home, grateful for his discovery. #WaterCrisis ? #ClimateChange ? #SurvivalOfTheFittest ?‍♂️ #DesertLife ? #LimitedResources ?

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